Pricing & Packages

Our pricing runs on a straightforward monthly licence basis for single tier or multi tier use.

  • Footfall Report

    Powerful essentials for small businesses
    Free Plan
    • 5 Geofences
    • 1 Campaign per location
    • Tools - Footfall
    • Basic analytics
    • Single Brand App Access
    • Single User Access
    • Free Support (Customer Success)
  • Limited Time Offer !

    New App Programme

    Every month
    First 500 app downloads free! Or 180 day free trial
     180 day free trial
    • 2 Geofences
    • 2 Campaigns per location
    • 10 Tools - Basic tool / content activations
    • Tools - Message
    • Tools - Audio
    • Tools - Image
    • Tools - Video
    • Tools - Surveys
    • Basic analytics
    • Single Brand App Access
    • Single User Access
    • Limited Sub Branded Campaigns
    • Limited User Access
  • Enterprise

    Every month
    Customise Your Programme!
    • Decide what services you'd like to receive
    • Contact us for a quote
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Bubbl as a new revenue tool

We are unique to the market with our pricing structure which uses fixed monthly fees and usage top ups, with the ability to create secondary tiers of sub-licences.

This means our clients can sell on Bubbl functionality to their own clients, advertisers or sponsorship partners with unrestricted new revenue potential.


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